Cabuçu Farm

Top photo: Tadeu Nascimento 


The high point on this route is Cabuçu Waterfall, with a drop of about 10 meters, a natural water slide falling onto an enormous rock, forming a natural pool. On the way, visitors need to cross crystal-clear streams.

Nature beauty

Large trees line the trail, with a variety of native plants and flowers, as well as birds and other small animals.  The Areia River Trail is a treasure trove for fauna and flora researchers . The route  follows clear, shallow waters, forming small coves, where it is common to find animal footprints, among a profusion of bracken, creepers and bromeliads.


Photo: Vagner Dantas


The farm is a historical reference point for the Santos Bay Area. In the colonial period, the place served as a shelter for the company of Jesus, who set up a post there to convert Indians. In the first half of the last century, the region was taken up by huge banana plantations, whose produce was transported by wagon to the vicinity of the River Cabuçu, and from there by boat to the Municipal Market in Santos.


Photo: Antonio Vargas