House with Tiled Façade

The Casa da Frontaria Azulejada is one of the most important architectural works in Santos. Built in 1865 as a residence and storehouse for Manoel Joaquim Ferreira Netto, from Portugal, the two-story building became famous for its neo-classical façade, covered in imported Portuguese tiles. The ‘U’-shaped construction opens onto the port.
Over the years, the building has been used as an office, a hotel, a cargo warehouse, and finally, as storage for chemical fertilizers. In 1973, it was declared a national heritage site, which served only to allow it to fall into abandon. A few years later, it was declared a Municipal, and State heritage site.

In 1986, when it came under municipal control, it was in ruins, with no roof or upper floor. Restoration of the façade began in 1992, with the main door and tiles restored or renewed. This work, carried out by artist Luís Sarasá, was all done by hand, requiring 7,000 separate pieces. This place belongs to Fundação Arquivo e Memória de Santos since 1995.