Pining Lake

Top photo: Marcelo Martins


With an area of around 20.500m², this is a place of leisure and a meeting point for fishing enthusiasts. It boasts a playground and kiosks, equipped with individual barbecue facilities and stone tables, for use at no charge when booked in advance with the Regional dos Morros (tel. 13 3258-5111).





The access bridge to a stretch of preserved Atlantic Forest, suitable for walks, is the perfect attraction for children, who can have fun swinging there. The Saint Sara Kali Grotto can be found next to the lake, the first in the country to honor the patron saint of the gypsy community. 


Photo: Francisco Arrais

Extreme sports

Lovers of extreme sports can enjoy the 600m² skateboarding plaza, a very common sight in Europe and the United States. This is different from the other skateboarding areas in the city as it is a plaza with ramps, steps, benches, rails and other obstacles. 


Photo: Francisco Arrais


Lagoa da Saudade abounds with mysteries and many interesting details – there are those who believe that it is a crater from an extinct volcano and its waters were home to no less than three alligators – all since relocated – between 2004 and 2005. Today the lake attracts ducks and egrets, which perform beautiful maneuvers opposite the two fountains that help to oxygenate the water.


Photo: Marcelo Martins